Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lisa Marie Presley Keough - Jackson - Copolla - Lockwood, we get the point!

You've drilled it in our heads! You hate Michael Jackson. Now please would you shut the fuck up about it. I'm tired. The world is tired of listening to your constant rants fueled by embarrassment about Michael Jackson. You married Michael Jackson a million years ago - SO WHAT! Stop with the excuses. It happened. Move on. Have your twins and shut the fuck up. Go back to being the private person that you know how to be by constantly blabbing (excusing) about a marriage older than my grandmother, or giving heartfelt interviews about how private you're! We get the point - you're a private person who can't shut the fuck up about her private life. I'm sure you would call that "honesty" but I prefer to call it selective memory. And for the sake of the English language would you please find a
synonym for manipulating?

ps. lock the doors big bad wolf Michael Jackson (the worst person in the world) may come get you at night!